Friday, September 4, 2009 Putting Pressure on Ebay? Ebay Responds

A couple of posts ago I reported what I'd learned from my newbie experiences delving into the Ebay world. I reported that to offer something for sale on Ebay meant you had to pay Ebay up front. on the other hand let's you offer something for sale and you don't pay until it sells.

You see, has moved aggressively towards using it's juggernaut book seller/ electronics seller, Kindle selling super power and moved to take over a substantial portion of Ebay's auction business. Amazon certainly has the clout and extensive user base to pull this off.

I bought some stuff on Ebay, I bid on stuff, got confused, learned a bit and bought what I'd wanted and paid what I thought was a decent discounted price for it. My merchandise came on time as promised and over all I'd say I had a pleasant experience using Ebay for the first time.

What I learned: People put stuff up for auction and let you *think* they're willing to sell it for pennies on the dollar, or at a tiny fraction of what they really intend to sell it for.

Bait and switch?
Every time I bid on something that was so cheap I just couldn't pass it up, I got outbid... Every time, I mean within seconds. At first I thought someone in another state was bidding at the same time I was. I learned that the seller set a price that he refused to sell it for less, the too good to be true price listed was a ruse.

That pissed me off, I gave up for a time, I belong to a respected online marketing forum or bulletin board and posted a question. That's where I learned most likely the above minimum price point concept. Some one graciously told me about a "Buy it now" button.

I went back to the auction of the computer hard drive, licensed copy of Windows XP that I was after and "bought it now" for a price that I believed was lower than the store but not too much higher than I'd wanted to pay.


I'm wanting to offer for sale ebooks I've written and plan to write on Ebay. Digital or Intellectual Property. Downloadable digital informational ebooks that have no delivery costs what so ever, no shipping costs at all, a *virtual product*.

I also found that Ebay now offers blogs, well I'm a professional blogger with well over 100 blogs under my belt.

Will post again soon as I learn more

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