Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ebay in Frederick Maryland -Now I'm Buying on Ebay Left and Right

Ebay in Frederick Maryland

Now that I'm comfortable with Ebay I find myself buying software and computer hardware often.

I had to fix my daughter's computer, she managed to get a nasty virus and did not have the recovery disk as she bought her laptop used (and it didn't come with one)

Purchased a copy of Windows XP, with licence, still in the wraper: $61
Purchased an adapter to hook up an older IDE hard drive into a newer computer that uses the SATA format - $4.97 (did not see that it came from a Hong Kong distributor, that will take a while to get here I imagine)
Purchased an IDE hard drive (got it to replace an older computer so we have a spare in the house AND to serve as storage for our back ups, gonna network the computers) $42

Now I'm looking for an older version of Adobe Acrobat, which I'm looking to pay less than $100 for (the latest greatest version probably goes for $300 - $400 or more)

Looking for an older version of Jasc Paint Shop Pro, looking to pay $40 if I can, not worth it to me if it costs more than that.

I will soon get into learning the ropes on selling stuff on Ebay, but I felt it important to observe the Ebay expirience from the buyers view point first.

Last year I saw a store in East Frederick, across from the Sheetz, not far from the Fairgrounds that offered to sell your stuff on Ebay for you. Apparently there wasn't enough interest to generate enough cashflow to cover the rent on store front real estate...

Will see how easy it is to do this for Frederick Marylanders from this virtual platform.
I'm thinking you send me a digital pic of what you want sold on Ebay, I won't bother if you can't send me the pic, pics can be from a cell phone, I wont do it without a pic

more coming...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just started buying on Ebay

Try it before you sell it

I can't in good conscious write about selling on Ebay without actually testing to see what the expirience looks like from the customers point of view.

Since one of my computers had a virus on it and I needed to reinstall (and said box did not come with a recovery disk because I got it used) I made my first Ebay auction purchase.

A legal (not bootlegged) copy of Microsoft Windows XP ($60.00, with free shipping)

A description of the expirience:

I searched on Ebay for "windows XP"
kept seeing low prices... low enough to make me wanna buy RIGHT NOW
each time I seem to have been outbid within 5 seconds of my bidding... it's as if someone KNEW what I was going to bid as soon as I knew???

This went on for days... I figured that the person or company offering the product had set a pre determined price that was the lowest they would accept.

I saw XP on for $80, I saw the same thing on Ebay for $30 (but could never get that price) 3 days running I bid up a dollar and was outbid within milliseconds

What gives?

I gave up... the next day I saw it "offered" at $20... that whetted my apetite!
got outbid again (wonder why I thought it'd be any different???)

Then... I got smart (or the person offering the product got smart, haven't figured out which one of us "got smart" first)

I spotted a "Buy It Now" price... more than I'd wanted to pay but less than I saw it on

Presto Chango: my first sucessful "bid"