Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cell Phone Cracked Screen on Ebay

I have a company provided HTC Hero, one of my clients pays for it (it's part of my pay, I'm a sub contractor doing the website for this company and part of my pay as a subcontractor is to get this phone)

Well, I dropped the phone, the screen cracked... it's amazing that the touch screen still works, what sucks is that I did NOT get the repair plan. (the damn phone costs over $400, even on ebay)

I'm looking to give the phone back and get my own phone service, discovered since I am a company now (Frederick Web Promotions) having a phone in my name rather than my customers name, helps build my credit.

OK... well, it turns out there's a BUNCH of people who have cracked screens, I'm not the only one!

Cell Phone Cracked Screen on Ebay