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What to look out for if you want to sell on Ebay


As soon as you get away from personal service you will create unhappy customers who will ruin your feed back on Ebay and then your account can be restricted.
Under the current scene you must accept paypal and all Ebay customers are trained by Ebay to get refunds and raise disputes.

Ebay customers are very high maintenance and with the current trend on Ebay to give more power to the buyer and less to the seller it would be easy with an automated system to lose control

Amazon has a graduating commission rate. The more sales you make, the higher the commissions.

But, eBay pays $25 for each new sign up.

And, using both creates too many choices for your customers.

I'm leaning toward Amazon because...

1. They have a better looking page.
2. I think they may convert better. (not sure about that though)


Do You Have An Ebay Store?(Article)
In this article we look at the benefits of having an eBay Store. Selling on eBay does not require you to have an eBay Store, but it sure does make things a lot easier. There are 3 store subscriptions you can sign up for with eBay Basic (15.95/month), Featured (49.95/month), & Anchor (499.95/month). Now most people starting out will of course go for the Basic store and not the Anchor. You would need to make huge profits to go for the Anchor ...


Making money on eBay can be done in a number of ways. With an eBay registration, you can choose items found or purchased from estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and so on, or, you could actually become a buyer and then turn the items purchased. If you do a search for a solid selling item and find auctions with extremely low prices, there is no reason you cannot purchase and then turn around only to sell that same item for a higher, yet competitive price.

Another way you can use your eBay registration to make money is by finding items that sell but also items sold in lots. Commonly, people will list lots of clothing, jewelry, shoes, equipment, and other things that could easily be broken down into single sell items. Let us say you found a lot of women’s shoes. In this particular lot was four pair of brand name shoes, all in excellent condition. The seller was simply eager to get rid of things no longer needed so the item is listed at an exceptionally low price. You could purchase the items and then on your own eBay store, list the shoes as individual auctions, increasing the price somewhat. With this, you now have four times the earning power while still giving potential buyers a great bargain price.

The key of being successful with your eBay registration is to learn the insider secrets of how you can increase your money-making potential. The search option provided by eBay is a great tool used by buyers, as well as buyers turning to sellers. Before you start bidding on just any auction however, you want to do some research to identify items that are hot sellers. This way, you do not end up having to sell items at a low cost to move them either.

You might also find that with your eBay registration, you can locate items being sold that would enhance an auction you want to list. For instance, if you had a lot of baby bedding, you might be able to locate baby sleepers in excellent condition that you could offer as a bonus. By pricing the bedding lot right, you could easily absorb the cost of the sleepers and still make money.

eBay registration and all it brings is a very interesting and strategic process. Because of the growing possibilities, eBay’s online businesses have quickly become the fastest growing market in the world. No matter your lifestyle, background, or history, eBay creates an option to start over and build something that can make serious money. With your eBay registration, you can begin the process of learning the various features and benefits so you can take full advantage of what this particular site has to offer.

There have been thousands and thousands of success stories from people who had the heart and drive but no education or experience. Since eBay makes it so easy, these people have taken a dream, learned, and grown to make that dream a reality. You too have the same opportunity by using all the ways to make money, which includes buying at a low cost from other sellers and then reselling at a more competitive price.

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